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Ways to Speed Up Your Website

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Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Enable gzip compression- Gzip is the most popular and effective compression method currently available and generally reduces the response size by about 70%.. Make landing page redirects cacheable 


Minify your codes - Removing HTML comments, CDATA sections, whitespaces and empty elements will decrease your page size, reduce network latency and speed up load time. 

Avoid bad requests- Broken links result in 404/410 errors. These cause wasteful requests. Fix your broken URLs (pay special attention to images).  

Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom - Putting stylelsheets in the document head of the page prohibits progressive rendering, so browsers will block rendering to avoid having to redraw elements of the page.  

Use a Simple Website Design - Simplifying your website’s design can increase your site speed. One reason for this is because it reduces the number of HTTP requests your website needs to make to load. 

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